Whale watching
The Azores Archipelago has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. This islands paradise is a permanent home or point of passage for more than a third of the world’s whale and dolphin species.
Swimming with dolphins
Join us on the ultimate experience swimming with wild dolphins in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Encountering the dolphins in their natural environment is an experience unlike any other that will leave you full of emotion and lasting memories.
Walking tours
Hiking in the Azores is one of the best ways to visit the unexplored areas of the islands. Pure nature is at your feet and sight and you have the chance to mingle with the locals and know better about their culture and history.
Jeep safaris
Jeep safari tours allow visitors to get to know the islands from a different perspective sighting breathtaking views that are hidden in the islands. Adventure and fun are guaranteed!
Van tours
Van tours take you to the very best attractions of the island on a personalised, guided and comfortable trip.
Bike tours
There are many trails to explore in the islands that lead you to amazing places. Tailor your trip exactly as you wish visiting genuinely the islands by mountain or road bike.
Sunset cruises
In the late afternoon, when the sun starts hiding behind the horizon, Futurismo offers a relaxing boat trip that allows you to appreciate the beauty of the sea and coastline.
The volcanic origins of the islands have created mountains and valleys covered in rich and varied vegetation, lakes in ancient volcano craters, hot water springs, fumaroles, thermal hot water fountains and cascades.
Bird watching
More than 33 species of birds nest in the Azores, many of which are endemic subspecies, and two of which are endemic species (the Monteiro’s storm petrel and the Azorean bullfinch) meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We are nature lovers

What else could we be? The nature of the Azores islands, Portugal, involves us all. At sea, its crystal clear waters are home to a rich diversity of fauna and blessed with great creatures as giant whales and acrobatic dolphins. On land shades of green cover the landscapes of mountains formed by volcanoes, fields and lakes. It is our passion to share the secrets of the Azores archipelago with you.

We provide unique experiences

The Azores islands are considered to be one of the 10 best destinations in the world to see whales and dolphins (collectively known as cetaceans). More than a third of all cetaceans species can be sighted here throughout the year. Blue whales, sperm whales and several dolphin species are some examples. On land, each island is like a world to explore, whether it be on a walking tour, jeep safari or bicycle. Discover with us why the Azores was selected as the second best islands destination for Sustainable Tourism.

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