Seta Escura

Kayaking and SUP

Futurismo is proud to announce the recent opening of our new activity centre, fully equipped with modern facilities, situated on the lake side of Sete Cidades, one of the most iconic places of São Miguel Island. Sete Cidades is a volcanic complex where you can visit several lakes. Inside one of the craters you find two lakes, known as Lagoa Verde (green lake) and Lagoa Azul (blue lake), that feature in a legendary love story about the lake’s creation. There is even room for a delightful town and fertile green agricultural land. The rim of the big crater is high above the lakes and provides epic panoramic views of the West end of the island and the ocean. A specially created track makes the rim navigable for many adventure activities, including: mountain biking, hiking and jeep tours. There are also well signposted hiking and biking routes, from the top to the bottom of the crater. Down at the lakeside, guests can picnic under the shade of willow trees, swim in the crater lakes, kayak, or even SUP paddle from our new activity centre.

Seta Azul
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