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Hiking in Sete Cidades - 5 Senses - full day


The starting point of this walk is the amazing viewpoint at the beldevere of Vista do Rei (King's viewpoint). At this viewpoint over the caldera of Sete Cidades you will learn about the geological formation of the caldera. Next we start walking the dirt path along the rim of the crater. The views are wide and open - to the right side we see the caldera containing the famous twin lakes and to the left the ocean and several coastal villages. The trail ends in the centre of the village of Sete Cidades. After this adventurous and fun walk we reach the bottom of Sete Cidades crater and lake where we have a picnic lunch on the lake shore. Here you will have time to relax and be amazed by the surrounding scenery. After lunch we emerge in an activity "back to the past". We also bake fresh bread or biscuits, milk a cow, plough the earth and participate in traditional activities and games. This is a fun-filled day that is perfect for anybody wanting to feel down to earth while connecting with nature and local traditions.


Small kebabs of local blood sausage and pineapple, bolo lêvedo (a traditional bread made in Furnas), sandwiches with cheese from São Jorge Island, small sandwiches of homebaked bread with tuna, chicken pies, cod cakes, a tray of local spicy sausage, sliced fresh fruit, red bean cupcakes, coconut cupcakes and almond cupcakes.



Local passionfruit softdrink (Kima), still water, local beer (Especial), white wine from Pico Island, coffee, tea from São Miguel Island and milk.


Ponta Delgada - Sete Cidades - Ginetes - Ponta Delgada
7 Km


Bring: comfortable light clothes, sweater, raincoat, walking boots or shoes, hat, sunblock, backpack, water.


Light meal.


Price per person

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This program includes
  • – Nature guide
  • – Walking stick
  • – Visit to Sete Cidades village
  • – Visit to the surrounding volcanic region of Sete Cidades
  • – Activity "back to the past"
  • – Regional picnic lunch
  • – Regional afternoon snack
  • – Pick up and drop off at the tourism office or your hotel
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