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With an experience of 20 years Futurismo is a pioneer and leader in whale and dolphin watching. We organize daily trips to during all year around of about 3 hours each. Our trips are preceded by a briefing for all clients where our Nature Guide explains the historical background of whale hunting and its reconversion to whale watching. It’s also given information about biodiversity of the islands, species respect rules and measures of security on board.

“The isolated archipelago of the Azores has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. Lying about a third of way across the Atlantic between Portugal and North America, its permanent or temporary home of more than a quarter of all known cetacean species”.
Mark Carwardine, whale watching specialist

The waters around the Azores are indeed rich. We have several resident dolphins such as the Short-beaked Common Dolphin, the Common Bottlenose Dolphin and Risso’s dolphin as well as yearly summer guests like the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin and the Striped Dolphin. Although the Sperm whale is the whale we see most frequently, we also get many visits from migrating Baleen whales, among them the Blue Whale, especially during early spring to late summer, as well as more rare encounters with Pilot Whales, False Killer whales and even Killer Whales.

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